Tower rescue technician - TRT

NFPA 1006/1670 Chapter 4 (2021 Edition)

Towers are part of the distant landscape in every community. In the information age, it seems that communication towers are being erected daily in our communities. As towers and structures must be accessed for servicing, installation, and maintenance, the probability of performing a rescue increases.

Our Tower Rescue Course is focused towards seasoned rope rescue technicians who looking to increase their skill set. Our program is of course, scenario-focused but it does require a strong command of physics, rigging, and the willingness to work. Tower climbing is difficult and physically demanding. Over 3 days, this course will cover (at a minimum) Job Performance Requirements set forth by the NFPA 1006/1670 Chapter 4 (2021 edition). Each student will be evaluated for competency in these skills and complete a written exam at the end of the course.

Some topics covered in the technician program are:

  • Tower Construction

  • Guyed Towers

  • Self Supporting Structures

  • Water Towers

  • Bridges

  • Tower inspection

  • Tower pre-climb processes

  • Tower specific access gear

  • Skate-block systems

  • Other offset systems

  • Fall arrest/fall protection gear

  • Dynamic rope systems and lead climbing on structures

  • Bottom-based rescues

  • Multi-pitch rappelling/lowering systems

  • Pathophysiology of climbing related-illnesses

  • Development of Incident Action Plans

  • Pre-planning surveys

  • Team leadership in Tower Rescue

  • And so much more!