Artificial High directional workshop (AHD)

This 3-day program  is designed to challenge students in the design, setup, and physics surrounding a myriad of High Directional platforms. Students will work as a team and setup a multitude of configurations on several platforms. This course will be physically demanding and will require hiking, carrying equipment, and eating meals on the trail. This course will be in the woods with rock faces, rough trails, and in a wilderness setting.  Each day will end with complex scenarios that are designed to challenge students in the execution of a high directional integration into rope systems. 

Incorporating High Directional systems is an integral part of efficient and effective rope rigging. In many cases, rope technician course do not allow time for the sharpening of these skills. This workshop will be focused around the setup, use, and physics behind these platforms. 

This is an advanced rope rescue workshop. Prerequisite knowledge in rope rescue technician skill sets is highly recommended. 

This course will highlight the following: