Medical Management in Rope Rescue

Every Technical Rescue call is an EMS call with complicating circumstances. All too often, we train to proficiency in our technical skills without sharpening our medical management. Training scenarios end when the mannequin or dummy have been removed from the "hazard". This is not realistic training. The patient is at the center of every rescue. Managing their condition is something every rope rescue team should be proficient in. Everything gets more complicated when your feet aren't on the ground. This workshop will cover a wide array of patient management techniques while placing you in an environment to apply them. Your instructors for this course are paramedics with real world rope rescue experience who have managed complex patient conditions while in a vertical environment. This workshop will span over 2-days and will be predominantly hands-on. This course will challenge you physically as you will be suspended in a harness while performing medical procedures. Some topics we will cover:

  • Medical gear and rope rescue load out

  • Owning the basket

  • Rope travel

  • Ventilatory management

  • Patient advocacy during a rescue

  • Injury and illness patterns often seen in rope rescue

  • Patient packaging

  • Litter rigging in various extraction devices

Students should bear have experience in rope access or rope rescue prior to attending this workshop. This is open to all levels of medical certification and licensure but their will be an advanced medical care focus that may exceed some scope of practices.