Rope REscue technician - RRT

NFPA 1006/1670 compliant  (2021 Edition) 

50-hour course that is designed to bring a rescuer from a limited knowledge of rope rescue into a competent rescue technician. This course will strictly follow the 2021 edition of NFPA 1006 Chapter 5 (JPRs for rope rescue). In addition, it will cover other aspects of rope rescue that may exceed the NFPA standard. Each day will have scenario integration to solidify the skills learned. This is an arduous course with little classroom lecture. The vast majority of this course will be taught in the outdoor environment. We will have five, 10-hour days of training. Students should be prepared for heavy physical activity to include hiking, carrying equipment, and performing specific functions on rope. 

Upon successful completion, each student will be furnished a task book to indicate the job performance requirements that the student successfully completed. Certification as a Rope Rescue Technician always falls upon the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). 

Some examples of topics covered: