Highnovate Solutions - Advanced training


This 5-day course will explore the world of HIGHNOVATE solutions to Rescue, Access, and Remote delivery of rope systems. This course is designed for professionals who are in a training officer or coordinator position in their organization. Students will learn proper use, care, and maintenance for the full line of Highnovate products utilizing real-world scenarios in several training venues. We will work through access and rescue solutions in Urban, wilderness, and USAR environments.  Some of the products you will use include the following and much more!:


Though this program is designed around becoming an authorized Train-the-Trainer for the HIGHNOVATE product line, individuals who are not in a training or teaching capacity are welcomed to attend. The techniques and products we will use in this program are catered to the following Disciplines:


Participants MUST be in good physical condition as there will be climbing, hauling, and  crawling. Expect long traning days and 1 night session. Participants are encouraged to have one or more of the following :