Custom Courses

A unique feature of our team is the ability to tailor-make any training your jurisdiction may need. In many cases, your industry or team may require a structured continual education course that is designed around mission-specific hazards or considerations. Though we cannot guarantee that we can always help, we will work with you to find a partner that can get you the training you need. Our instructors have created several trainings and courses for the specific needs of a team, outside of the realm of standard technician-level courses.

Click on the "Contact Us" button below and send us an email of training you are in need of. We can help develop and delivery courses that you may need. Some examples may be:

  • Medical workshops for technical rescue

  • Operation Level training for specific hazards

  • Advanced rope workshops for small teams

  • Team building workshops

  • Leadership level workshops for ICS integration into technical rescue

  • Hazmat/Contaminated operations in Technical Rescue

  • Decontamination course for Technical Rescue

  • Lightweight rope system workshops (8mm system concepts)

  • Improvised rigging considerations for contingency rescue operations

  • Trench Rescue Training

  • Confined Space Rescue Training

  • Field Force Extraction - Protestor Device

  • Machine/Vehicle Rescue

CBRNE and Contaminated OPS

Field Expedient DECON

Field Force Extraction - Protestor Devices

Trench Ops and Tech