Rope scenario FTx

Field Training Exercise

Course Description

It is our belief at Red River Rescue that one of the missing links in rope rescue training is the scenario driven class. We believe that to firmly cement the skills you have learned throughout your career you need to put them to use. This two day workshop will stress the rescuers ability to make critical decisions in a time sensitive environment while operating as member of the rescue team. The scenarios will be realistic and thought provoking for all. For the level of instruction for this class we recommend that all students meet the prerequisite of a rope rescue technician or equivalent level of training. However, we realize that there may be students who are not certified, yet practicing in that capacity.

Over two days, students will rotate positions in a team and work as edge attendant, rescuer, team lead, and system management. The course will start with some team building activities and will progress into scenario execution for the remainder. Each scenario will be designed to challenge the students in a unique way and incorporate the following activities:

  • High directional use

  • Patient packaging and lashing

  • Horizontal traversing systems

  • Patient care during packaging and evac

  • Rapid Patient Access

  • Floating and pre-tensioned anchor systems

  • Aztek and personal mechanical advantage use

  • Petzl ASAP use

  • CMC Clutch use

  • Working at the edge

  • much, much, more.....

Each day will be projected for ten (10) hours of training. Be prepared for arduous work to include lifting, hiking, and carrying equipment.