IAP Development for Sar incidents

This 1-day workshop is focused around sharpening your skills in the development and implementation of an Incident Action Plan. The target audience is emergency managers, SAR chiefs, planning team members, and responders who are interested in developing Incident Action plans.

The Incident Management System is scalable to the size and complexity of an incident or event. Proper planning leads to an organized response that forms a common operating picture for all agencies and stakeholders. Pre-requisite training for this workshop is ICS 100, 200, 700, and 800. Recommended training would be ICS 300 and 400 or intimate knowledge of the NRF and ICS.

Each student will have the opportunity to use electronic and paper ICS forms to develop each portion of an IAP for use in a multi-agency response scenario and also planned events. Correct development and execution of an IAP leads to better inter-agency cooperation, leading to a more organized response. Students will perform several table-top exercises to show proper use and application of each form. Students are asked to bring a laptop or tablet.