High angle medical Rescue (HAMR)

A partnership with


Wilderness EMS


This 50-hour course focuses on EMS-level patient care in the setting of wilderness high angle rescue. This course is a partnership with RedSTAR Wilderness EMS.

This is not an introductory rope rescue or medical course. General comfort with ropes, knots, mechanical advantage systems, personal rope skills, and prehospital patient care is expected of students in order to achieve course outcomes. This course is intended to build on that foundation and introduce new information at the intersection of these domains.

Instructors are RedSTAR members and Red River Rescue training cadre, all of whom are active responders/providers with area fire departments, FEMA US&R task forces, university emergency services faculty, major medical centers, and EMS special operations teams.

Topics include:

Students must bring helmet, gloves, and harness. Some loaner equipment may be available, depending on number of students requesting such items.