Technical  Rescue Training 

We are excited to partner with Highnovate as a training provider


Training focused on the team-based approach.


Training centered around standards and industry best-practices.


Training heavily focused on scenarios to offer students real-life application of skills learned.

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Our company was founded on humble beginnings. A group of rescue enthusiasts and friends came together to provide training in a venue that would be purposeful and useful.

Nestled deep within the Mountains of Eastern Kentucky, our company provides Technical Rescue training for people who make rescue their business..

Our instructor cadre hails from all around the United States. They have long and outstanding careers in the Fire Service, Defense Contracting, Wilderness Medicine, USAR, and work within various federal agencies. We offer NFPA compliant rope training and workshops to help rescuers hone their currents skills to perfection. In addition, we create custom training programs for tribal, local, state, and federal partners as needed to address agency specific training demands.