Advanced Rigging workshop

Partnered with courant Access and rescue

Rope rescue professionals must continually engage in training that pushes their limits and expands their knowledge base. With an ever-expanded world of rope access workers, the potential for rescue grows daily. We are excited to partner with Courant in this workshop to provide exciting new gear and techniques to execute a myriad of rope rescue scenarios. 

Our first day will be focused on new and emerging techniques. Expect to work with systems that incorporate span anchors and monopods to demonstrate how systems can be clean and useable in small work areas. As with all of our training, there will be a significant focus placed on patient care and comfort. Expect some work in challenging horizontal movement systems and we will explore bottom-based anchor systems, multi-point anchors, and retrievable anchor systems. Autonomous rope skills will be used to demonstrate how to lighten a rescue load. 

The second day will focus on Arbor rescue. There will be an overview on the arbor access world to include industry-specific equipment and best practices. Expect to perform arbor assessment and learn how to effectively determine go/no-go anchor setups during time-sensitive arbor rescue. Students will have hands-on time with gear, ropes, and anchor systems used in arbor access. 

Students should be seasoned rope rescue technicians or arborists that have a strong foundation in person rope skills and also working as a member of a team. This will be a fast-paced learning environment and lunch will be provided. This workshop is limited to 12 students.