Lightweight Rescue

This 3-day workshop was designed around alpine, mountaineering, and lightweight rope rescue concepts. This is an advanced user workshop and should only be considered by rescuers with extensive experience in system analysis and risk management during rescues.

The goal of this workshop is to explore the world outside the G-rated toolbox. Standards are created for specific reasons. The NFPA General use standard differs in the Technical use standard. As a rescuer and their team become more proficient in their skills, they have the ability to adopt other standards and best practices that may be better suited for their rescue environment. Bringing all steel carabiners and 300 pounds of gear is wonderful as long as you can get it to where the rescue is.

We believe that risk management is at the root of all technical rescue. In this workshop we will introduce a wide array of equipment and techniques designed to serve the rescue community who knows that every ounce of gear counts. We will perform system analysis and use live feedback devices to show forces being placed on systems.

This course will employ new gear concepts while building systems with rope and cord diameters that are much smaller than typical rope rescue teams would use. Some tools we will be working with are:

  • Protraxions

  • Microtraxions

  • Roll Clips

  • GriGri

  • SMC Vector

  • Power Cord

  • 8mm Dynema/Technora cords

  • Dyneema Slings

  • Class II harness

  • All aluminum carabiners

  • Rope grabs

  • Hand ascenders

  • Micro Pulleys

  • TRACE systems